Want To Know Who Makes Your Clothes?

Want To Know Who Makes Your Clothes?

 Are you some one that is concerned about where your clothing comes from?  With all the scary  news with with how fast fashion is produced I thought it would be great for you to know that at Back From Bali all our clothing is made with small local business which are often owned by women.

Meet Ayu, she is on the right of the below photo and I am standing next to her son and daughter.  Ayu makes our hand batiked clothing like the belly dancer motif below her photo. 

Right now we are working on a new one called Women Sun that I am excited to show you.  Do you like it?  I love to make women empowered themes on the clothing and Ayu is just a genius with color and design.  

I love that our clothing is ethically made and that it supports local businesses in Bali.  

Just thought I would let you know who is making our clothing!