Back From Bali Womens Wood Bangle Stacking Bracelet High Gloss Colors

$9.95 $20.00

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Lightweight wood bangles with a high gloss color adds so much to all your outfits. These bangles are made in Java and because they are wood you might find irregularities from the wood grain coming through the color, which just adds to its natural beauty. Wear one, stack several of all the same color, or mix and match. Be creative and have fun! Please see the promotion for purchasing three together.

  • Shiny high gloss bright fashion bangles made of Javanese wood
  • 1.5 Inches wide wood yet extremely lightweight for comfort
  • Wear one, or stack several for a punch of color; Choose colors for the seasons!
  • Dress up for the evening, or dress down with a casual look
  • Natural wood grain may come through the color adding to the beauty of the bangle


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