Are you scared to travel alone? I was!

I remember the first time I wanted to go traveling to Indonesia and I decided to go alone.  I WAS SCARED!  But  I will never forget the advice my cousin gave me which was “you will never be alone.”

And she was so right, because when you are a solo traveler you meet people so much easier.  When you travel alone, you are so much more open to starting a conversation on a train or bus, at breakfast or at a pool, the bar, or in an airport.  

 But I understand the fear because I had it too.  But once you do it, the fear disappears.

And hey, that solo trip of mine turned into my future business and so you never know what will come out of it for you.

 Why not give it a try!  

And don’t forget to bring your sarong - the most versatile item of clothing you can bring -  as you can use it as a seat cover, a shawl when your chilled, as a sheet on a bed, or as a skirt or scarf. 

Happy Solo Traveling!

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