Boho Style Guide for Every Woman

Few wardrobe styles come along that are both classic and funky, cute and comfortable, look good on every body type and at any age. Long, flowy skirts, billowing pants, interesting florals and batiks, relaxed silhouettes, and unique details like embroidery, fringe, and lace? Yes, all of the above, please.

And while Boho has its own distinct vibe, there is lots of room for creativity and a little bit more “anything goes” than most fashion choices. This is one fashion trend where you can combine a brand-new skirt with your Granny’s chunky costume jewelry or your teen’s hip flats and it all goes together perfectly. It’s all about how it makes you feel and that “I love how I look” attitude is easy to wear anywhere.

We are not here to give you any rules – that’s one of the hallmarks of Boho style with its hippie roots. These are just a few guidelines that we’ve seen work with each age range but please dress how you love. You’ll be beautiful no matter what! 

Young, Boho, and Ready for the World

Even if you can’t snag tickets to Coachella, you can still Boho-up your wardrobe. Think peasant-style with blousey, embroidered tops over denim paired with a cute short boot. Accessorize with a big bag, long, dangly earrings and lots of bangle bracelets. Toss your hair in a messy bun and go minimal on the makeup. You’ll be ready for anything from your dorm lounge to a weekend music fest.


Okay, Now We’re Adulting?

Once we get into our 30s we have to start acting a little more serious but we can still add boho style to our wardrobe. Think of solid colors with boho touches like fringe, embroidery or ruffles. A cute embroidered top underneath a cardigan or blazer is a refreshing standout from the boring pantsuits we’re surrounded by. Once the weekend comes, pair that cute tunic with cropped black pants with cute heels and you’re ready for happy hour and or that much needed girls’ weekend.


The Always on the Go Mom of Toddlers and Teens

At this crazy age, we’re lucky if we even get to brush our teeth before our day starts. And who has time to seriously think about coordinating outfits? Boho to the rescue again as each piece doesn’t have to “go together” and you can pair new pieces with what’s in your closet. And the flowy comfort of long skirts or palazzo pants means you’ll stand out from the yoga pant crowd and look super chic while doing it. Pair with a solid colored top, chunky jewelry and the biggest bag you can find (which you need anyway for all the stuff we’re supposed to carry around for our kids!). Or grab a Batik Duster and wear over your favorite pair of jeans or black cropped pants.


The New Empty Nester

Seriously, you’d think life would calm down a bit after the kids are off to college but anyone in this still-working, still-Momming group can tell you . . . there aren’t enough hours in the day. The good news is we’ve come into our own, we know what we like, and we aren’t going to compromise to make anyone else happy. And we maybe get a little more free-time on the weekends or even a whole week off for a real vacation. Bohemian style is oh-so-perfect for travel – lightweight, easy to pack and interesting patterns for a fun vibe, night or day. And for the tropics, a cute sarong or sleeveless dress is a must-have for beach days or market shopping.


Retired but Busier Than Ever

You have made it to “cool Grandma” stage and Boho Chic is the perfect style choice to wow all of your granddaughters and grand-nieces (and their friends). Probably what we love the most about Boho is what it says about the woman wearing it – you are a free spirit, you truly have your own style and it is as unique as you! At this age, you know what you like and Boho fits right in. Every piece from the soft, palazzo pants to the long billowy skirts are comfortable but also stylish. Whether you are spending the afternoon on the back patio or heading out to the nearest farmer’s market, you will look amazing.


The most amazing aspect of Boho style? It unites us all as women and gives us the chance to create our own voice, our own style. And that’s beautiful. Shop our collections here

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