The Women Behind Back From Bali

Come and meet the women who are making our clothing.  We work with small Balinese businesses,  many of them who are women owned.

It has always been our philosophy to create clothing that is beautiful, colorful, stylish and affordable for you;  AND at the same time supports Bali, the businesses that are there,  and the families they care for.

This philosophy does not give us the cheapest way to make clothing, but it does give us a positive feeling to know we at Back From Bali are doing the right thing for our vendors, for our customers and for the world. 

Back From Bali is about making colorful boho style fabulous clothing ETHICALLY.  In that way, you, the customer, can feel that you are contributing towards something positive in the world.  You are supporting grass roots businesses, many of whom are women, and through their business,  they are able to support and care for their families.

As our customer you are contributing to the betterment of the world!  

I humbly thank you for this!!

These ladies are from the family of my manager.  They help out every day by packing finished clothing and also by taking care of my managers children so he can work for me!
Meet Nyoman.  She creates our long and short ponchos.  Here she is hand sewing sequins on our long hibiscus flower poncho.  You can see the finished poncho in the red.                                   Meet Sinta!  She is our expert pattern maker and the reason for the great fit of our clothing.  See below for an example of what clothing comes out of her patterns! 
Now you have a better idea of the philosophy behind Back From Bali.
We are all about  happiness, ethics, and making you and our vendors feel
 and look great!
 You are appreciated! 

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